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Meet our Team

Jordan Palmer --


Chef Jordan Palmer found his passion for food as a boy helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Working in an Italian restaurant as a teenager solidified his desire to bring people joy through food. After high school, he graduated from the Culinary Arts program at Triplett Tech in Mt. Jackson, Virginia, where he competed and placed in national culinary competitions. While attending Johnson and Wales in North Carolina, he worked in fine restaurants in the Charlotte area. Now, back in the Shenandoah area, Jordans main objective is to provide an elegant chef experience from the comfort of your home or desired location. Jordan strives to use his developed palate and ability to pair ingredients to deliver the ultimate culinary experience to the great Shenandoah Valley

Zach Khambata--


Jordan and Zach became fast friends while attending Triplett Tech together.  With over 10 years' cooking experience, Shenandoah native Zachary Khambata possesses the passion and world knowledge to create an impeccable dining experience. While proficient in a wide range of modern techniques and cuisines, he also owns the skill set of the primative live fire experience. Zachary has dedicated years to mastering the art of the wood fired cooking experience and brings that to the table when creating culinary delicacies. Zachary has an adventurous palate which fuels his urge to try and perfect new dishes with ingredients the average person would never use.  

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